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 To identify centipedes with photographs (french keys)
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Città: Nice

Regione: France

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Inserito il - 29 gennaio 2009 : 20:10:36 Mostra Profilo  Apri la Finestra di Tassonomia

Dear all,

The following link give to you very simplified keys which allow sometimes the identification of the family, genus or even of some species of French centipedes with good photograph of the entire body, and magnified photographs of the head (dorsal and ventral if possible) and the last trunk-segments and legs. I have done these "experimental" simplified keys to facilitate the recognition of centipedes of France for naturalists which do good photographs, but it can also be useful in some cases for Italy (particularly northern Italy). It is in french but I hope some of you will be able to read it in detail ; the pictures which are included facilitate the understanding :


A question to the Moderators : is it possible to throw this message "in Rilievo" ? I think it can be useful, isn't it ?

Best regards,

NOTA : please, do not forget that the identification of centipedes is often impossible with photographs ! The aim of the link quoted above is to make easier and nicer approach of centipedes for the naturalist, but if this one then likes to go farther to the study of this group, he will have to take specialized books (among which some are named in the bibliography of this web-article) and of a good binocular magnifier.

Modificato da - PiErGy in Data 30 gennaio 2009 18:25:27

Utente Junior

Città: Gessate
Prov.: Milano

Regione: Italy

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Inserito il - 12 marzo 2010 : 21:26:29 Mostra Profilo Apri la Finestra di Tassonomia
I am one year late , but thank you for this very useful piece of information. The material on the web site is exactly what I was looking for!
The right link is now Link, isn't it?

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Moderatore Trasversale

Città: roma

Regione: Lazio

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Inserito il - 12 marzo 2010 : 22:24:46 Mostra Profilo Apri la Finestra di Tassonomia
Grazie mille per l'aggiornamento.
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Utente Super

Città: Nizza

Regione: France

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Inserito il - 13 marzo 2010 : 09:06:45 Mostra Profilo Apri la Finestra di Tassonomia
In Tedesco è impossibile..

L’école buissonnière
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