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 A snakefly species from Cyprus: Ulrike syriaca, femmina
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Inserito il - 12 maggio 2018 : 17:58:19 Mostra Profilo  Apri la Finestra di Tassonomia

Classe: Hexapoda Ordine: Raphidioptera Famiglia: Raphidiidae Genere: Ulrike Specie:Ulrike syriaca
I recently returned from leading my tenth and last natural history tour to the north of Cyprus. My mobility and manual dexterity are such that I risk becoming a liability to groups as well as to myself. This year the season was much further advanced than on any of my previous visits so insects were far more prolific. For the first time there I caught a species of Raphidioptera.

So far as I know there are just two of these recorded for Cyprus i.e. Phaeostigma cypriaca and Ulrike syriaca. I have never encountered the latter genus and have no idea of the characters that separate it from Phaeostigma. but presumably it should be one of these two. I do have the specimen having been granted a permit to collect by the authorities. I would be very grateful if anyone can possibly suggest the identity of this species.

Very many thanks


A snakefly species from Cyprus:  Ulrike syriaca, femmina
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Inserito il - 18 settembre 2018 : 15:10:06 Mostra Profilo Apri la Finestra di Tassonomia
Between the two known species from Cyprus, this female belongs surely to Ulrike syriaca, but the Cyprus' Raphidioptera are too poorly studied in order to do a certain ID whitout seeing the specimen under a stereoscope.
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